Workshop on Science Journalism

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“Science values detail, precision, the impersonal, the technical, the lasting, facts, numbers and being right. Journalism values brevity, approximation, the personal, the colloquial, the immediate, stories, words and being right now.” Quentin Cooper made this statement on Material World, a BBC Radio science program, almost a decade ago. Although symbiotic, the relationship between scientists and journalists becomes 'tense' when science leaves the pages of technical journals and finds itself addressing the realm of the general public. From fundamental concepts like the greenhouse effect to discussions on emerging research on COVID-19 strains, science needs to be communicated to the masses, at which point it enters the ambit of journalism.


BVJ Science Centre Multimedia Hall, National College Jayanagar Campus, Bengaluru


Friday to Sunday
29 Apr-02 May

Event Schedule

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Inauguration - Dr. A H Rama Rao

Keynote Address - Sri. M K Bhaskar Rao

Need for Science Communication - Dr. H S Niranjanaradhya

Lunch Break

Changing challenges of science communication - Dr. H R Krishnamurthy

Ways of communicating science to Indian audience - Mr. M S Chaitra

Tea Break

How to produce short science videos - Ms. Manasi KG

Making participant teams for competitions - Prof. Cheluvappa S